Welcome to the webpage for the LazyPurple Server FastDL.
This site contains all of the custom content that the LP game servers use.

To save time when connecting to the servers, you can download our bulk map download files here. This is recommended for users who have a slow internet connection. Decompress the files in your /tf/custom directory and you'll be good to go. (2.3 GB) (2.0 GB) (1.9 GB) (3.1 GB) (2.2 GB) (1.9 GB) (2.6 GB) (2.6 GB)

You can browse the bulk map download files, as well as the old
Minecraft world files here.

If you're looking for individual TF2 map files, espeically if you've gotten a "map missing" or "your version of the map differs from the server's" error,
you can browse the FastDL files manually here.

The map rotation list can be viewed here. home